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At the execution of Underwood and Brentner, Henreid is then killed in the nuclear explosion caused by the Trashcan Man's atomic warhead. During his journey, Cullen has a prophetic dream that compels him to double back and find Redman, who has broken his leg and has contracted pneumonia. Sort. Swann takes care of Goldsmith during Redman's absence and, by the end of the book, she has given birth to twins. The Stand (CBS All Access) Stu races back to the house, where Kojak leads him to the well. I dont even think he said dance. Along the way, they stop at a farm house in Nebraska for some much needed rest. We loved the notion of Flagg lying against the tree, almost relaxed, almost relieved to be free of the responsibility of having to actually run a place and have all these followers hes concerned about and keeping in line. [King] had been thinking about [writing the coda because] he felt Frannie never got her stand. Nick Andros encounters him while cycling through Oklahoma. However, when Lawry reveals her true nature, ridiculing Cullen's impairment and frightening him against Pepto-Bismol with a claim that the product is poison, Andros ultimately rejects her. Like most of the characters we followed in this story, she dreams of Flagg. He is the younger brother of Goldsmith's best friend, Amy Lauder, and is a social outcast at his local high school. In the 2020 miniseries, he was portrayed by Jovan Adepo. The Hand explodes a nuclear warhead he planned to drop on Boulder, destroying Flagg and his followers in one swift blow. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Rereading Stephen King: week six The Stand", "Stephen King's 'The Stand': Our wish list cast includes Josh Brolin, an Olsen sister, and Stephen Colbert? She looks and acts a whole lot like the now-dead leader of the good guys, and even knows their names. He can make things right. In the 1994 miniseries, Harold was portrayed by Corin Nemec. Flagg takes Cross to Las Vegas and the pair reside in the penthouse suite of the MGM Grand hotel complex; Cross's pregnancy is announced shortly after their arrival. Shortly after, Underwood finds he is one of the few living people remaining in New York City. Jurgens's affectionate behavior towards Redman causes Frannie Goldsmith feelings of consternation later, it is revealed that Jurgens is bisexual. Some people will surely wonder about a Season 2, possibly as an anthology, with Randall Flagg at the center. WebThe Stand: The Stand: Soul Survivors: Item Biography Randall Flagg / Russell Faraday: Tom Cullen: Walkin' Dude / Dark Man: Comments. In search of healing, the Dark Man is reborn as Russell Faraday on an island with a lost tribe. Its a constant struggle against the forces like Flagg that would exploit our worst and most base instincts and desires. The character does not appear in the 2020 miniseries. The book closes with them discussing human nature. Keep up with your favorite shows delivered to your inbox! The new coda on the CBS All Access show feels in many ways like King marrying those two endings while also finally giving Frannie her time to shine. Rabbit Hole: Charles Dance Warns Dont Trust The Finale, Sunny Hostin: Don Lemon & Tiffany Cross Exits Sent Media Backwards, Copyright 2023 NTVB Media, Inc., All Rights Reserved, Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love, Watch a Sneak Peek of The Stand Finale Written By Stephen King (VIDEO), Ask Matt: Ken Jennings and Jeopardy!, Zoeys Extraordinary Hiatus, WandaVision, This Is Us, The Stand & More, 'The Stand's Natalie Martinez Unpacks Dayna's Selfless Decision. The Kid survives for several days until, facing starvation, he opens the car door and strangles a wolf as he himself dies. John Mulaney at the Boston Symphony Hall for his Netflix special John Mulaney: Baby J. (Marcus Russell Price/Netflix) 8 min. The final confrontation with the evil and mysterious Randall Flagg never changes much across these tinkered endings. Charles Campion is an American soldier stationed in the California desert. Hes up to his dastardly tricks. The character does not appear in the 2020 miniseries. Andros expresses a desire to press charges against his attackers, and the sheriff tracks down and arrests three of the four before falling ill with the superflu. A quiet, intelligent widower and veteran from Arnette, Texas, Stu Redman is at his friend's gas station the night Charles Campion arrives. Our first introduction of R.F. The pair secretly follows Underwood to Maine, where Joe attempts once again to kill Underwood, but is overpowered. The girl is a Mother Abagail version of that. Stu is understandably baffled, but agrees to ride the cable down while she lays it out from the RV. Andros later reappears as a spirit to Cullen and, finally able to speak, guides Cullen as he attempts to return from Vegas, and showing him how to save the life of a very ill Redman. With The Circle Closes, Stephen King has essentially written a Cross smiles as she falls and afterward Flagg observes that she had taunted him in the hopes that he would kill her. She later regains her ability and returns to the Boulder Free Zone in time to inadvertently save most of the Free Zone Committee from Harold Lauder's assassination attempt. The following is a partial list of characters from Stephen King's novel The Stand. The other rebirth is Flagg. Whats particularly interesting with this temptation scene is that Frannie shows she wants every single thing Flagg is offering her, but does not waver for one second. In terms of our crafting of the structure and our repurposing things in the book, Im very proud of a lot of what we did in Episode 8 to make the climax feel as though its at least allowed by or even touched off by the actions of our characters. Faraday, who became one of the greatest scientists of the 19th century, began his It is unknown if Lawry was killed in the nuclear explosion that destroys Las Vegas. Harold Emery Lauder is sixteen years old and lives in Ogunquit, Maine, at the beginning of the novel. When Redman is injured, Kojak stays behind, killing small animals to feed Redman and fetching sticks for fire-building. However, instead of Satan, as has been suggested in relation to the Dark Man, King compared Flagg to 1950s serial killer, Charles Starkweather. Creighton is General Starkey's friend and right-hand man; he periodically updates Starkey on the situation. Nevertheless, Lauder persistently finds it difficult to let go of his old self-image. In the 1994 miniseries, Horgan was portrayed by Sam Anderson. But hes not completely gone, with the series ending the same way as Kings expanded version of the novel: Flagg, calling himself Russell Faraday, finds a new group of followers. On her deathbed, she shares one final vision: four men from the committee will travel to the West coast to confront Flagg. Along the way he meets Tom Cullen, and later, Ralph Brentner, June Brinkmeyer, Gina McCone, Dick Ellis, and Olivia Walker; the group becomes a surrogate family to him. In the 1994 miniseries, Dayna was portrayed by Kellie Overbey. For the 2020 miniseries, Marilyn Manson was in talks to portray the Kid, but his part was cut out of the script during the writing process.[8]. Cavell says that King felt comfortable enough with the way the scripts were going for the The Kid's body is later found by Redman, Underwood, Bateman, and Brentner on their journey to Las Vegas. At Lauder's suggestion, the two make their way to the Stovington facility of the CDC, encountering Stu Redman along the way. In 1978 Stephen King published The Stand, the novel that is now considered one of his finest works. Prior to his death, Henreid's last words are: "Oh shit, we're all fucked!". Cross travels west with Lauder, but when Lauder's motorcycle crashes, she implies it was her intention for Lauder to die in a motorcycle accident, instead of being killed by Flagg upon their arrival in Las Vegas. Yeah, its bad news hes gathering a new batch of followers, but hes not doing so without an adversary wielding the light in this world. Unless King wants to continue this story, that is the end of The Stand series, executive producer Benjamin Cavell tells TV Insider, nor will fans see any more footage because they made the decision not to release deleted scenes on the Blu-ray. Later, Horgan informs Henreid that Engstrom intends to flee the group, while Flagg tells Henreid that he already knows the names of people who want to leave, including Engstrom. Redman becomes romantically involved with Goldsmith despite their large age gap, and enters a marital relationship with her including accepting her unborn child; their involvement causes resentment with Lauder, who holds an unrequited love for Goldsmith. In the novel, he is presented as diametrically opposed to Mother Abagails personification of good. She heals Frannies wounds, sending the new family off with the knowledge that a force for good walks the Earth. He pitched it to us. The fact that he is significantly older is noted in her diary, along with many other aspects of the trip. Flagg convinces the tribe's members that he has arrived to teach them the ways of civilization, identifying himself as Russell Faraday. Might be trashcan man but his name Russell Faraday initial rf. In the 1994 miniseries, Henreid was portrayed by Miguel Ferrer. In Kings final act, the literal Hand of God appears as Flagg crucifies our heroes in front of his followers. Randall Flagg, aware of her identity through telepathy, summons her to his office and attempts to make her reveal the third spy, whose mind he is unable to penetrate. In the 2020 miniseries, he was portrayed by Brad William Henke. Did having a Frannie-Flagg scene in the finale affect plans for previous characters interactions with him? Cross uses Lauder for the purpose of an assassination attempt to eliminate the committee members. But when he grins, birds fall dead off telephone lines. Flagg has the ability to see into other places by using his third eye. When he is required to make a logical connection, Cullen can slip into a form of self-hypnosis, wherein he is able to make connections that he cannot while "awake" that is, conscious and focused on something superficial. In the 2020 miniseries, she was portrayed by Odessa Young. These fine folks, they weren't even touched by the superflu. The wheel keeps turning. Serving as the main antagonist of the novels The Stand, The Eyes of the Stu is surprised to find himself wanting to avenge Lauder's death along with the bombing victims when he finally encounters Flagg. He flees into the desert, overcome with anguish over his actions; at first he plans to kill himself, but later he seeks redemption by bringing Flagg the most powerful weapon he can find: an atomic bomb in the form of a nuclear warhead that has been detached from a missile. (CBS) The episode sees a voiceover explaining how Frannies baby, named Abagail after Mother Abagail Benjamin Cavell: Totally. He doesnt know himself." More (or less) than a man, he is the embodiment of evil, an antichrist-like being whose goal is destruction and death. At the end of everything, all the death, all the fighting, all the planning and walking and struggle, it comes down to Frannie, and she doesnt flinch. In the revised-expanded version, the Trashcan Man briefly travels with a cocky street thug named The Kid, who becomes severely intoxicated and forces the Trashcan Man to masturbate him. The novel was published in 1978, with its narrative set during the 1980s; however, a second edition was released in 1990, is considerably longer than the first version (1,200 pages compared to 800 pages), and is set in the 1990s. He tallies a debt with a drug dealer while living in Los Angeles and travels to New York City to hide, on the pretext of visiting his loving, but deeply disapproving, mother. The title of the final episode of The Stand was was The Circle Closes, which may help explain why Stephen King brought his end-of-the-world saga to a Flagg offers Bateman his freedom on the provision that he "get down on [his] knees and beg for it." In the 1994 miniseries, Bateman was portrayed by Ray Walston. He performs minor tasks but is highly ranked in Flagg's society, reporting directly to Henreid or Flagg himself. I dont know.. He has survived the nuclear explosion, at least in some form, but doesnt seem to be as powerful as he used to be, something that becomes even more evident as this confrontation unfolds. In the novel, he's presented as diametrically opposed to Mother Abagail's personification of good. In the original edition, The Kid appeared as a minor character and only appeared in the Trashcan Man's flashbacks; the revisedextended edition includes the full story of The Kid's encounter with the Trashcan Man. After the outbreak of the superflu, Cross finds an emotionally damaged young boy whom she calls "Joe," who has regressed to a savage state of mind but trusts Cross and remains with her. He said, Flagg starts to move to the music, and he chose the song. Barry Dorgan is a friendly former detective of the police department in Santa Monica, California, US. My life for you. After residing in Boulder for a brief period, Susan Stern recruits Jurgens (both were captives in the harem) to spy on the West Coast. Cullen also punctuates important points, believing them to be spelled "M-O-O-N" such as exclaiming, "M-O-O-N, that spells Nebraska!" When The Kid threatens to not only kill the Trashcan Man on several occasions (always for petty reasons) but also to overthrow the Dark Man, Flagg sends wolves to rid himself of this potential rival. Lauder confesses his love to Goldsmith, and she politely but firmly rejects him, before she and Redman reciprocate their feelings for each other. Joe, who has sufficiently recovered to the point that he reveals that his real name is "Leo Rockway", is suddenly reluctant to be in the company of Cross. Redman develops pneumonia, due to injury and hypothermia, but witnesses the destruction of Las Vegas. In the book, Mother Abigails deathbed mandate from God insists that four prominent members of the Boulder Free Zone (aka the community of nice plague survivors) walk all the way from Colorado to Flaggs stronghold in Las Vegas. The book was also adapted into a television mini-series, starring Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, and Rob Lowe and was released by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network in 1994. Its so much a part of who that character is and what he means for the readers. Thats when two accidents happen, which we find out were caused by a wounded, but still alive Randall Flagg: Stu is kept from getting back to Frannie quickly due to a blown tire, and Frannie falls down a well, gravely hurting herself. Upon learning that Cullen remembers his father's return from the Korean War, Andros realizes he must be much older; perhaps in his forties. No. Lauder wrecks his motorcycle after slipping on an oil slick; the accident is implied to have been arranged by Flagg, who distrusts Lauder's intellectual nature. Thats another epic tale of good vs. evil, and one in which Mr. Randall Flagg happens to be a bad guy. Fix her broken bones, ensure Stu gets home safely and that their child will be once again safe and secure with her loving parents. This act of free will marks the beginning of Flagg's downfall, as while he foresaw her assassination attempt and consequently thwarted it, he did not predict her suicide attempt and lost his chance to uncover Cullen. Although Lauder claims to have dealt with his jealousy toward Redman, Goldsmith remains suspicious, which is later justified when she finds details of a plot to kill Redman in Lauder's diary. Nick Andros is an exception to this, unilaterally nixing Lauder's appointment to the committee out of distrust. Charles Campion is an American soldier stationed in the California desert. In the 1994 miniseries, Andros was portrayed by Rob Lowe, and is from Ridley, Pennsylvania. In the 2020 miniseries, he was portrayed by James Marsden. WebIn Stephen King's novella, the fake man Andy Dufrense invents is Peter Stevens. In the midst of the commotion, Henreid is forgotten in his cell and eventually becomes the sole-surviving inhabitant of the prison complex. Born in 1882 to freed slaves from South Carolina, Abagail outlived three husbands and all her seven children. You defeat it for the moment and know its going to raise its head again. A former nightclub dancer, Engstrom awaits Flagg in Las Vegas with Ronnie and Hector and kisses Flagg's boots upon his arrival. Ironic, don't you think? Andros leads the growing band of survivors to both Nebraska and Mother Abagail, who guides them on to Boulder. Beyond these magical abilities, Flagg does not appear to have any real power. Shed still be Frannie, but from time to time hed look through her eyes, get a lay of the land. Cross meets Larry Underwood when Joe finds him sleepingJoe is working up the courage to kill the sleeping Underwood, but Cross intervenes. He often found himself in trouble during his years as a youth due to his fixation with fire, and his nickname comes from his childhood habit of starting fires in trash cans. (Flagg goes by many names in a bunch of King stories, but usually sticks with the initials R.F.) Is that girl in the finale Mother Abagail (Whoopi Goldberg) or do they both represent the same entity? The 2020 miniseries also features a young girl portrayed by Kendall Joy Hall who is implied to be the spirit of Mother Abagail. He rescues Lloyd Henreid from starving to death in prison and, with Henreid as second-in-command, establishes a community in Las Vegas, Nevada. No. And though, in the novel, Flagg tells the group that he has a mission to teach them how to be civilized, thats not what he says here. Despite an intrinsically strong and likable performance by Odessa Young, the creators of the series saw the key character as less of a priority to the adapted narrative than her semi-crazed stalker, Harold Lauder (played convincingly by Owen Teague). The Trashcan Man performs his duties with proficiency until, while being teased by fellow workers, a comment causes him to experience a flashback regarding his tormented youth. Unable to cast aside his past humiliations and his feelings of betrayal from Goldsmith and Redman, Lauder instead focuses on vengeance. Lauder attempts to profess his love to Goldsmith but is rejected. Stu makes his way back from New Vegas, and Frannie and her husband leave Boulder with their baby and head to Maine. Yes, its Flagg in some way, except he really doesnt exactly know that, what hes doing here, or how he got here. Recovering after a night's sleep, Underwood travels to Maine, where he plans to spend the summer; along the way he meets Nadine Cross and the young Leo Rockway (known then only as "Joe" and behaving like a feral creature). This version of Flagg is naked, kind of aloof, and calling himself Russell Faraday. Something or someone is watching from the rows of corn that flank the cute little house. She makes no prediction as to what will occur, only that one will fall before arriving in Las Vegas, while the remainder will be brought before Flagg. In the revised-expanded version, she is one of the women whom Stu Redman's party rescues from the harem. As the harem subplot was cut from this version, she is instead introduced in a relationship with a man named Mark when she is found by Redman's party. In the 1994 miniseries, Judge Farris was portrayed by Ossie Davis, and travels to Boulder as part of Stu Redman's party, rather than Underwood's. Arriving in Boulder, Underwood settles down with Swann and Joe, becoming a member of the Free Zone Committee. April 26, 2023 at 6:00 a.m. EDT. Was there anything King wanted done or not done to set up the finale? Goldsmith is opposed to Redman traveling to Las Vegas, but comes to terms with the journey when she realizes Redman cannot be swayed. Andros serves on the Free Zone Committee, for which he is the leading thinker, and eventually recruits Cullen as a member of the spy contingent that travels to the West coast. Lauder shoots at Cross and nearly hits her, suggesting that Cross may unconsciously prefer death to the dark consummation awaiting her in Las Vegas; and also revealing limitations to Flagg's power. Her baby, all alone, left to the elements, in danger. Randall Flagg, also known as the Dark Man, the Tall Man, or the Walkin' Dude, is the main antagonist. However, Lauder's plan is already in motion at this stage and Redman narrowly escapes the assassination attempt the next day. Lauder becomes a respected and esteemed member of the Boulder Community. The sight of the full moon rising over Las Vegas triggers Cullen to act on a post-hypnotic suggestion planted in his mind and begin the return trip to Boulder, avoiding the nuclear explosion that destroys the city. Dayna Jurgens is a community college physical training (PT) instructor from Xenia, Ohio. Flagg is known to have appeared during tragic and violent events in human history. Lucy Swann and Underwood become very close with Farris, and Underwood is upset when he successfully recruits Farris as the first of three Free Zone spies, but is unable to inform a distraught Swann of his whereabouts after he sets out. miniature bull terrier puppies illinois,

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